Ingquza Hill Local Municipality is one of five Local Municipalities which fall within the jurisdiction of the OR Tambo District Municipality of the Eastern Cape Province. Ingquza Hill is located to the north west of the OR Tambo District and was established through the amalgamation of the former Lusikisiki and Flagstaff Transitional Local Councils and the surrounding rural areas, which fell under the Transitional Representative Councils. The seat of the Municipality is in Lusikisiki and the municipal area is divided into 32 wards.
The Municipality is faced with enormous challenges relating to huge backlogs in infrastructure, high levels of poverty and underdevelopment. The fact that the municipality is poor demands targeted community focused development planning that addresses poverty and builds a firm foundation for the creation of a thriving and sustainable community.

Ingquza Hill Local Municipality comprises an area of 2476 square kilometres and serves a population of approximately 278 481 people in total. The community is predominantly rural in nature. Employment rates are low and poverty levels high which impacts negatively on the municipality’s ability to generate income from services charges and rates.

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[accordion-item title=”Vision”]A developmental, economically viable and responsive municipality where communities enjoy equitable access to services in an environmentally sustainable manner.[/accordion-item]
[accordion-item title=”Mission”]To facilitate sustainable development by promoting development and ensuring service delivery in a just and equitable manner focusing on infrastructural and social services through a skilled, accountable and responsive administration and council that prioritizes community needs and good governance.[/accordion-item]
[accordion-item title=”Core values”]

  • To act efficiently and prudently so as to ensure Value for money,
  • Treat all members of the public with Respect,
  • Ensure that there is Mutual Integrity in the institution,
  • To perform our duties with utmost Honesty, and
  • To be Punctual in attending issues that affects the public.


[accordion-item title=”Goals”]

  • Eradication of poverty,
  • Equitable approach in service delivery,
  • The implementation of the plan for coastal development must have time frame,
  • Council to apply vigilance of robust approach in dealing misconduct of councilors,
  • To stimulate the local economic development,
  • To improve/support the integrated economic development initiatives within the municipal area of jurisdiction,
  • Enhance municipal competitiveness of the local municipality,
  • To fast track land issues in order to unlock land for development,
  • Improve/ facilitate the engagement of local business and general public in the planning process, and
  • Create ongoing forum for advocacy and planning.

[accordion-item title=”Key Institutional Challenges”]

The following are issues that constitute a major challenge to the Ingquza Hill Local Municipality and therefore the plan has to deal with these issues head on:

  • HIV/Aids,
  • High poverty levels as a result of the unemployment,
  • Unemployment as a result of high illiteracy levels,
  • Lack of the political support and instabilities,
  • Infrastructural backlogs,
  • Capacity of the existing infrastructure such as roads, water and public amenities,
  • Poor revenue generation,
  • Integration of development plans as such government departments do not attend government the IDP process (spheres of governance) ,
  • Street traffic congestion in both units(Flagstaff and Lusikisiki), and Lack of implementation of bylaws.