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Drawn by clean air and mythical light, visitors come to experience traditions, fine art, great cuisine and natural beauty of the landscape.
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Information on the parks, locations, and amenities they offer.
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Beautiful mountains of Ingquza Hill
Her Worship the Mayor Cllr. N. Pepping

A word from Cllr. N Pepping

Our country South Africa is encountering triple challenges of poverty, unemployment, and inequality so Ingquza Hill is not immune. As a mayor, I will strive through local economic development to change the situation and strive to improve the idea structure backlogs which will attract investors.

As the municipality, we have a long-term plan which is the 2035 vision which is customized from the National Development Plan. Our plan includes improving our area in various ways including health and education to change the social status of our people.

Our area has plenty of means of resources including human and natural resources which can be used to change the economic status of the area.

As a mayor, I will use my time to lobby financial resources and investors to develop our area. Lastly, I will lobby communities to rally behind the vision and mission of our institution.

N. Pepping

Cllr. N. Pepping The Mayor

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