[info]Roles and Responsibilities[/info]


  • Final decision making.
  • Approval of the reviewed IDP documentation.
  • Coordination roles for stakeholders.
  • Ensuring horizontal alignment of the IDP’s of the municipality with that of district council area.
  • Ensuring vertical alignment between the district and local planning.
  • Facilitation of vertical alignment of IDP’s with other spheres of government and sector departments.
  • Provide events for joint strategy workshops with local municipalities, provincial and national role
  • players and other subject matter specialists.
  • Linking the IDP process with their constituencies
  • Organising public participation.


  • Final decision making.
  • Consider and adopt final report.
  • Consider and approve the performance agreement of the MM.
  • Popularising PMS within their constituencies.


  • Final decision making.
  • Approve the budget before the start of the financial year.
  • Council to approve unforeseen and unavoidable expenses.
  • Approve Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan.

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