Human Resources Management

Responsible for:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Leave admin
  • Benefits Administration
  • Payroll Administration


Responsible for:

  • Skills Programmes
  • Internship Programme facilitation/ monitoring
  • In-service Training Programme facilitation
  • Study Assistance/ Administer study grant agreement
  • Induction of interns and trainees
  • Bursary and Learnership administration
  • Develop work skills plan
  • Conduct skills audit interview
  • Application of discretionary grant
  • Report on employment equity (improvements)



  • Records Management
  • Cleansing Services
  • Auxiliary Services
  • Printing
  • Facilities Management


Responsible for:

  • Network Security
  • Website development
  • Integrated IT-based systems
  • IT strategy, policies and procedures
  • IT Risk management procedures
  • Install and configure new equipment
  • Repair/ Upgrade faulty equipment
  • Desktop support
  • Troubleshoot applications


  • Co-ordinate Local Labour Forum
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Facilitate Disciplinary Hearing
  • Facilitate Grievance Process
  • Represent munic at bargaining council/ labour court


  • Clerical support activities/ tasks
  • Filing and general administration
  • Supervision
  • Fleet monitoring and controls
  • Supervision and control
  • Reporting and information dissemination


  • Develops short and medium-term plans for the job evaluation functionality.
  • Provides specialist remuneration advice to line management in terms of current policies and market trends.
  • Monitors and implements procedures and forwards/present plans to the manager and or SALGA.
  • Manages, monitors, and controls the municipality’s staff establishment.
  • Maintains the organizational structure and verifies placement on the approved structure.
  • Implements job evaluation and organization awareness and/ or seeking acknowledgment.


  • Conduct individual counselling.
  • Formulating guidelines for HIV/ Aids programs
  • Assisting employees to deal with psychological psychosocial and work-related problems.
  • Doing home visits when necessary, debriefing sessions etc.
  • Inviting outside stakeholders to do wellness screenings for the employees.
  • Conducting awareness campaigns for the employees.
  • Conducting and chering wellness committee meetings.
  • Monitoring outcomes through feedback sessions with immediate supervision/ employee to assess status post counselling.
  • Developing and updating EAP policy.
  • Planning and developing concept documents for institutional events that took place half-yearly.
  • Conduct needs assessment to determines current or future pathological treds
  • Planning the annual budget for EAP section and monitoring for funding of various initiatives.
  • Preparing reports on activities of the section act lining objectives and accomplishment of outcomes.
  • Providing and coordinating training to assist supervisions and employees in identifying and referring troubled employees.

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