The Department of Planning & Development & Economic planning is divided into three Units being:

  1. Development Planning
  • Town Planning,
  • Building Control,
  • Environment, and Economic Development

2.1 SMME Development,

2.2 Agriculture,

2.3 Tourism, and

2.4 Forestry. 

  1. Strategic Planning

3.1 Integrated Development Plan, and

3.2 Forward planning.


The unit amongst others is responsible for the following key activities:

A.1 -Town Planning

  • Land management,
  • Land legal matters,
  • Rural Development,
  • Land administration,
  • Property valuation,
  • Property Development, and
  • Geographic information systems.

A-2 Building control

  • Building regulations,
  • Building control,
  • Development monitoring,
  • Land invasions office, and
  • Implementing office for LED infrastructure

A-3 Environmental management

  • Strategic environmental management,
  • Coastal management, and
  • Approval of Environmental impact assessments.

A-4 Housing

  • Beneficiary management,
  • Monitoring of housing development,
  • Housing sector plan developments,

The unit amongst others is responsible for the following key activities:


  • Capacity building of existing SMME’s,
  • Monitoring of existing projects,
  • Business development,
  • Business retention,
  • Investment planning, and
  • Formation of cooperatives

B-2 Agriculture

  • Poverty alleviation,
  • Promotion and development of cooperatives

B-3 Tourism

  • Promotion of local tourism,
  • Development of local SMME’s,
  • Development of accommodation sector,
  • Participate in national and international conferences, and 
  • Heritage Development.

B-4 Forestry

  • Monitoring of forestry developments,
  • Partnership with strategic partners,
  • Identify new opportunities and land availability
  1. Strategic Planning
  • Development of the five years plans,
  • Development of municipal sector plans

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