Situational Analysis

Institutional Analysis

Ingquza Hill has 27 wards. The political leadership of the municipality comprises the Municipal Council which comprises 54 Councillors and an Executive mayor who is assisted by a Mayoral Committee. Only the mayor and Speaker are designated as full-time Councillors. The municipality has a ward participatory system. The Council had appointed portfolio committees to take responsibility for the following matters:

  • Finance and Administration;
  • Institutional transformation
  • Development and Planning;
  • Social Issues; and
  • Infrastructure

The Municipal Manager is the Chief Accounting Officer. This position is supported by 5 directorates which are each headed by a manager appointed in terms of Section 57 of the Municipal Systems act. Each of these managers has more than 5 years of experience and a junior degree. There is a combined 44 years of experience in local government The directorates are as follows:

  • Infrastructure and Engineering Services
  • Strategic and Development Planning Services
  • Corporate Services
  • Community Services and
  • Budget and Treasury

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