Institutional Analysis

Ingquza Hill has 27 wards. The political leadership of the municipality comprises the Municipal Council which comprises 54 Councillors and an Executive mayor who is assisted by a Mayoral Committee. Only the mayor and Speaker are designated as full-time Councillors. The municipality has a ward participatory system. The Council had appointed portfolio committees to take responsibility for the following matters:

  • Finance and Administration;
  • Institutional transformation
  • Development and Planning;
  • Social Issues; and
  • Infrastructure

The Municipal Manager is the Chief Accounting Officer. This position is supported by 5 directorates which are each headed by a manager appointed in terms of Section 57 of the Municipal Systems act. Each of these managers has more than 5 years of experience and a junior degree. There is a combined 44 years of experience in local government The directorates are as follows:

  • Infrastructure and Engineering Services
  • Strategic and Development Planning Services
  • Corporate Services
  • Community Services and
  • Budget and Treasury

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