The purpose of the situational analysis is to provide an overview of the existing situation by focusing on the relevant aspects of the situation which will enable the management of the municipality to make appropriate management decisions. The Municipal Systems Act requires an assessment of the existing level of development in the municipal area, including an identification of communities which do not have access to the basic municipal services. This prescription should however be seen in the broader context of what information should be at the disposal of the municipality to enable its management to make decisions which are both strategic and practical in terms of their implementation.

The situational analysis should provide decision makers with sufficient knowledge of the nature of the priority issues and problems, existing and accessible assets and resources as well as resource limitations within their municipal area to enable them to make efficient and effective strategic decisions. This chapter provides descriptive data across a range of socio economic indicators of Ingquza Hill Local Municipality. In some cases trends in the municipality have also been compared with trends at district level in order to understand these in their regional context. This is crucial as it provides the municipality and its social partners with deep insight into local socio-economic trends patterns and development challenges.

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