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The Infrastructure Department is responsible for the following:

  • Roads within the LM competency
  • Liaising with WSA and WSP on water and sanitation issues
  • Buildings construction and amaintenance
  • Rehabilitation and construction of Sport Ammenities
  • Creation of community gathering facilities
  • Electrification of households
  • All infrastructure challenges within the municipal aptitude

The Department consists of 4 Divisions and these are:

  • Project Management Unit (PMU)
  • Civil and Building Unit
  • Plant Unit
  • Electrification

PMU is responsible for:

  • Project Implementation
  • Monitoring and Reporting to Funder
  • Implementation of IDP projects through the PMU
  • EPWP programme

Civil and Building: This unit will be responsible for:

  • Designing and Coordination of:
    • Electricity planning
    • Roads and Infrastructure planning
    • Building maintenance
    • Plant Unit
  • Planning includes but not limited to the following programmes:
    • Roads Maintenance Master Plan
    • Electricity Sector Plan
    • Health and Safety Monitoring
    • Building Management Programme

Plant Unit is responsible for:

  • Project Implementation on internal roads
  • Emergency interventions on access roads

Elecrification Unit is responsible for:

  • Project Implementation on electrification programe
  • Monitoring and Reporting to Funder
  • Street light Maintenance